Wednesday, October 19, 2011


After the Saturday morning conference session I left the TV on the BYU station because I love the shows that follow. Well I did NOT like what I saw and heard. It was all about missionaries and the MTC and the new policy of leaving them at the curb!!! I have to leave my son at the curb?!? I am going to have him leave for 2 years to a new area and leave him at the curb? We don't even let our kids spend the night! I know that Weston could be left on the curb right now in his life and be fine but do they understand that a mother needs to go in meet the people and check out the facilities? The curb? What?!? I have cried in the shower and have spoke with other moms. By the way don't ask a mom that has just sent her son to explain to you about the curb. We had the missionaries over for dinner and asked if they were left at the CURB. One missionary stated that his mom came in his room 2 years before his mission and sat on his bed and cried. He said that he tried to explain that two years was a long time but his mother was still upset. I thought I should call her and talk to her. I spoke to a girl I work with and she said that her parents said goodbye at the airport and it was great! The more I speak to this is the way to go and it is so much better that way. I have come to terms wit it. VERY glad that I get to be a little prepared. I guess I am just realizing that now the clock seems to be running out!

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