Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bronco Bill's Treasure

 Brent tells the kids a story about Bronco Bill's treasure.  I really don't know the story but I think it is about an old cowboy that buried treasure in the mountains.  To this day his treasure has never been found.  The kids and Brent always talk about exploring the mountains and finding it.  For the boys birthday they had the option of going bowling or searching for Bronco Bill's lost treasure.  They didn't even hesitate we were going exploring!  We bought KFC for lunch and were off to find treasure.  We hiked, explored and got stickers out of our shoes and socks.  Then we found a cave!  No there wasn't any treasure.  Spending time with the family was a big enough treasure!

 Had to carry our shovel, gold panning equipment, binoculars, head lamps, and the dog.

 LOTS of stickers
The boys shot BB guns and road 4 whellers.  Lots of fun! 

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