Sunday, September 28, 2008

This girl cracks me up!

Ella LOVES PINK! She also has mind all her own. When she wakes up and gets dressed, all by herself, she has two things she looks for. Every outfit has to have pink and pockets. Thanks to Aunt Allison we have many pink outfits. The pocket are very handy to hold her lipstick. She also loves to carry a purse. This outfit was so cute I couldn't resist. My favorite part of the outfit was the shoes and socks. I love to watch her with the other two younger boys. If I ask them to get dressed or shoes on and they start to whine she runs and gets them and even helps them get them on. Does she know she will be doing this for the rest of her life? I often ask her why her and Ashtyn didn't switch places. She should have come first she is so independent. Ashtyn loves to be loved and have a lot of attention. I tell her it is real hard to have you for the baby of the family. I need someone to baby and she won't let me.
Another cute little thing about Ella. Last week in nursery she came home mad. In her simple words she explained that another girl had taken away the baby bottle she was playing with. I explained we have to share and asked if there was another bottle she could have used. She said, "one" so I figured there was just one. So we went to Wal Mart and bought a few for the nursery. Big mistake on my part. I never should have showed them to her. So when we take them to nursery I explained she had to share these bottles with her friends. She seemed to be on board. That was until after church I saw she was MAD! I asked her what was wrong she scowled and said MY BABBA! Isn't two TOO young for drama?

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