Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weston turns 12!

I just loved this picture I got of Weston's birthday. For his birthday we got him a box of money. His little brother Trett thought this was THE BEST GIFT EVER! If any of you know Trett he loves money. Trett is the one in the picture with his mouth open. He loves money but loves to give it away just as much as getting it. He usually pays it to tithing every week even if he doesn't owe tithing. So today when he came to me he said, "Mom I have five dollars but I don't want o pay it all I just want to pay a dollar." So he got change and paid it to the humanitarian aid. Every Sunday he does this but decides on a different area to donate to. The neat thing is Trett always has money and seems distressed that he still has money. Not bad for a five year old.


kelsimad said...

Sasha, I totally remember when Hayden turned twelve. What a shock to think that my first born would shortly be a priesthood holder!!! Now Forest, our next son will be twelve and shortly after Hayden will be fourteen!!! So scary, I'm not old enough to have a deacon and a teacher!!!!!!! well, i don't feel old enough!!!
Hope Weston had a great birthday!!

allisonj_2004 said...

So fun. Wish I could have been their. I'll have to send a box of money!