Thursday, September 4, 2008

C is for COOKIE

Okay I have a confession. I am a cookie addict. I am addicted to warm homemade cookies. I realized this was a problem years ago. Of course we all bake cookies now and again but my obsession is BIGGER then that. I bake at least once a week. And I am usually the only one who eats a couple dozen. I have taken Chips a'hoy chocolate chip cookies and homemade cookies on trips and the store bought one are gone in a flash leaving me to have to eat the homemade ones all by myself. The kids even ask me if I will buy cookies for thier lunch. Well something big happened this week. Trett's kindergarten class was working on the letter C and he was suppose to bring something that started with the letter C. We talked about a few words and the word cookie came up. He liked that idea and I thought for sure I would be running to the store to buy him some. Then the greatest thing happened he asked me if I would bake him some COOKIES! Will I bake him some cookies??
I would LOVE to!

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T and L Morris Family said...

I am a worse COOKIE addict then you!! I bake them a couple times a week and sometimes more?? bad huh? I love them too:)

I can't believe your kids dont like them...CRAZY!! Brent doesn't eat them either?? Someday they will realize how awesome moms cookies are!!