Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween costumes

Here is the whole gang
Ella was a princess. I got out her dress up Cinderella dress and she refused to wear it. I asked her well what are you going to be? She said a princess. I got out more dress ups and she refused to put them on. Frustrated and running out of time I asked her what are you wearing? She pulled out this dress. We put it on sprayed in sparkles and put on a tiara. I thought great we are all dressed and ready to go. Then she came out of her room wearing a pair of jeans. At this point I just go with it. She is lucky she was born last. A few years ago I probably would have held her down and made her wear what I thought was good. Things have changed. Super CUTE!

Wyatt was our cowboy. That must be his outlaw face. (Stinker!)

Trett was a basketball player. This picture was taken late into the evening. He played hard and ate lots of candy. He wasn't sure what he wanted to be. First he was going to be a cowboy. Wyatt thought that would be dumb to have two cowboys. Then he thought he would be ninja. He wears that ninja costume all the time and I think the last two years. When he found out he had to take it to school and put it on in the bathroom he decided he would be a basketball player and then change into the ninja costume later that evening. By the time evening came he still wasn't sure. When we left for trunk or treat he was a basketball player.

Ashtyn was a rock star

Weston was an ASU Sun Devil. Go ASU!

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