Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trett's birthday

A string of money from Aunt Tonya and Aunt Allison. Grandpa Bill and Grandma Marion also sent a card with money. Grandpa Jerold and Grandma Cheryl got him a star wars game for the wii. Thanks everyone!

I am not a cake decorator by any means. This cake was probably THE WORST cake I have ever tried to make. Poor Trett. I thought that since Trett loved money so much this treasure chest cake would be fun. I told him to imagine the chest had been buried for a VERY long time. Something funny happened.....

I had left to run a few errands and came back to Wyatt running to the truck and saying there had been an accident with the cake. I thought the poor cake what more could happen to it? He took me to the cake and said one of the ring pop jewels had broke. I said how strange that the ring pop would just break. Good thing he was there when it happened. I finally got out of him that he just touched it and a piece had stuck to his finger and broke off. He left the broken piece on the plate. I just laughed. He ran to play and I started preparing for dinner. When I noticed a glue stick with chocolate frosting on the lid and a very small piece of a sucker next to it. Later i asked him if he tried to glue the broken piece back onto the ring pop. He said he had. Too bad he didn't know licking it would have done the trick!

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kelsimad said...

Haha, thanks for the laugh. Boys are just too much fun!!!