Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weston makes winning SHOT!

The Bulldogs took on the Rough Riders. The game was neck and neck. The crowd was on their feet the whole game. It was the end of the fourth quarter and the Dogs and Rough Riders were tied. There was 8 seconds on the clock. Coach Osmond, the Bulldog coach, called a time out and set up a press break. The coach tells them to get the ball to Wiltbank. He looks at Weston and tell him, "it all on your shoulders bud!" Weston thinks, "Oh crap!" (not the language I would prefer) His heart is pounding! Time out is over. Kouts passes the ball in to T.O. who passes it to Jayden and Jayden passes it to Weston. He shoots. He SCORES! The crowd goes wild! The Bulldogs WIN!


The Dutton's said...

Yeah Weston! Way to go!

Lexi said...

Of course he did! You rock Wes!