Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella!

Ella helped decorate her birthday party invites! I thought the rainbows and clouds were super cute!
I think it looks like Ella in the box

Ella and her cousin Clark are such good little friends. On her birthday, after preschool she had Clark come over to play. We got two happy meals. We rarely get to go to McDonalds and they thought it was a real treat. We just went through the drive in and on our way back home Ella and Clark had a cute conversation. Clark said once I got to play on the playground at McDonalds and Ella responded me too. Someday I think they will be glad we gave them some good homemade meals!

Ella turned five! Yes my baby is now five! I can hardly believe it! Ella's saw that her cousin Saylor had a rainbow party and she had to have one. She made it really simple on me this year. She didn't want a cake just rainbow popsicles. She and her friends ran through the sprinkler, jumped on the trampoline, did water balloon games and played musical chairs.

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Cheryl said...

Oh to be young again.