Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wyatt's Kindergarten Graduation

Mrs Reidhead and Wyatt. Keri, Wyatt's kindergarten teacher, took on a huge task taking on this class. This little class lost one of their dear friends and then their teacher moved away only a few weeks later. Keri did a great job and the kids had a super year!

These boys are adorable! I loved snapping a few pictures of them. Wyatt is a special kid. He has this HUGE Heart and as soft as they come. He loves his mom and still goes out of his way to please me. Lots of fun to be his mom!
Just a side note. Looking at Wyatt shirt I think we could have chose a bit better for graduation. I think the skull shirt with the football head is all in good fun but far away all I could lthink was what was I thinking! Sorry Wyatt you will look back and wonder what kind of a mother you had!

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stevenjared0853 said...

What a fun kindergarten graduation event looks! Wish I could have been to this cute party. At one of the domestic San Francisco venues I also hosted our little Joan’s 10th birthday. He was so excited for this bash and I just let him participate in the party planning activities. He quite enjoyed the planning process and actual bash as well.