Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Tiny Get Away

After all of the graduations, permotions and awards Brent and I decided we would leave the kids with family and friends when we went to Markie's graduation. We stayed at this cute little cabin overnight and did a tiny getaway. I love that Brent keeps talking about how much he loved getting away. It was VERY short and we will have to do it again. We headed back home the next morning to get Brent back to Safford to a BBQ cook off competition. He and Kurt did a great job and took home a few awards. Brent's parents also surpised us and got into town just a few hours after we got in.

I feel like we have been going and going and going.

I think after the last few weeks we need a vacation away from it all. I know that I have been really short with the kids (Sorry kids I will do better!) so a little R and R away from all of it and just concentrating on our little family is something we really need. Now if only we can find some time to do that!

I think I could live here all summer! Bring the kids and play outside all summer long.

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