Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trett and Wyatt's Birthday at the park

Happy birthday boys we LOVE YOU!
Does Hayden know Trett or what? Hayden gave Trett a dollar of his own money. Thanks Hayden your GREAT cousin!

Thanks Grandma Cheryl and PaPa Jerold for the Lego Star Wars Wii game!

Choosing teams and playing football

Trett and Wyatt have eight days between their birthdays. We usually have a family party the night of the BIG day and then have a group friends, cousin, Aunts and Uncles party in between. This year we met at the park. We roasted hot dogs played and visited.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the best kind of parties, casual, laid-back, and minimal stress!!! I'm not one for over-the-top themed birthdays. One of the best parties we had was just with a family we are friends with up here. I bought two or three bags of the long skinny balloons for making animals, printed off a bunch of instructions, ordered pizza and let all the kids try their best. They had a blast, from age 3 to 24. And the parents too.