Monday, October 13, 2008

Wiltbanks at the fair

The kids were out of school for a four day weekend. We all went to the fair on Friday night. We also had two extra friends that came along. So if you are counting that is nine people seven under the age of twelve. I was a little nervous that someone would get lost. Before leaving a friend of mine said that a friend of hers had written thier cell phone number on the inside of her childs arm so if they got lost they could call for help. This year my plan of attack was rides first, animals then booths. Of course Weston and Ashtyn are off to the most dangerouse heart stopping rides. I was so nervous for them. They of course got back in line. Then it came time for me to put Ella on a ride. She got on this airplane ride with Wyatt. I couldn't even watch I had to turn my head. The ride went around then up and then around. Then I heard this uncontrollable laughter. So I peeked. She was having the time of her life. She was waving and smiling so big. SO CUTE to see her and Wyatt so happy. Trett had fun too he found a few rides that were not too young for him. At school his kindergarten teacher asked them to draw a picture of thier favorite thing at the fair and write about it. The first ride Trett rode on was the faris wheel and Brent always rides with them. This ride was the most favorite thing about the fair. So this is what he dre him and Brent on the ferris wheel. In case you don't read kindergarten this is what he wrote.
I rode with my dad.
The ferris wheel is big.
It was fun.
We also loved looking at the animals. I took Ella up to the turkeys and said Ella this is a turkey. As if I were introducing them she said, "Hi turkey!" Then as her, Trett and Wyatt were petting a big black cow on the nose it mooed. It scared them and once again started the uncontrollable laughter. I told them I think he was saying moooove not moo. Then we went and checked out all the kids art from school and loaded up on free candy and gifts from retailers advertising. All the time we also ate cotton candy and kettle corn. So fun to watch them having such a good time.
After publishing this post I realize you cannot see Trett's writting. It is on the page with the box up top with very light writting. The other words are for a different assignment. Sorry and sorry for a lot of info. I am trying to get it all down for myself too.


btdutton said...

How fun! Can't wait to see the pics of the kids on the rides-you did take your camera? Love to read about these darling nieces and nephews of mine!

Cheryl said...

Good job Trett. I think you're having fun writing. Love, Grm

kelsimad said...

"In case you don't read kindergarten" that's too cute!! I love the papers Grayson brings home with "sentences" on them. The phonetic spelling is always fun to try to decipher.
Also, I tagged you on my blog.

Lawana said...

I'm so glad you found me! It made me look you up! Fun to see pictures of your family life. Love ya!