Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wyatt's Preschool Program

Wyatt has the cutest preschool teacher. Trett also got to have her for a teacher. I LOVE the program she puts on. Everyone has a part and some even tell a few jokes. One that a few kids told were, Why does Santa have 3 gardens? Because he likes to HO, HO, HO. The T shirts she has the kids make are super adorable. Wyatt got to be a Shepard and was the proudest Shepard. Then Santa came!! Somehow he knew Brent and asked him to come up and sit on his lap. He wanted to thank him for helping him get unstuck many years ago in Round Valley. He asked Brent what he wanted. Brent asked for a new truck. Santa gave him a ASU hat. That Santa!

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The Dutton's said...

Wyatt, you are too cute! I love your T-shirt and you made the most handsome shepherd! Santa always knows what we REALLY want-right Brent???