Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rudolph Nutter Butter Cookies

I found these little cuties on the blog nap time crafts. Wyatt and Ella helped me make them. We did them in steps first the antlers. Then the eyes. Last the nose. I did the icing and the kids placed the yummies on. We made them for Wyatt's preschool program. Supper easy and lots of fun!
If you want to make them just get the following:

Nutter Butter Cookies
Reg sized chocolate chips
Mini pretzels
I made up royal icing but I am sure you could use regular icing


Lexi said...

Those look super cute Sash! So is Wyatt! :)

The Laytons said...

These were super yummy by the way! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

these are so cute!! hope i remember them next year. probably won't.