Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Naughty Chicken

We have this one chicken that is such a stinker! One time when we were leaving to go out of town for a while the naughty chicken got out of the coop. Brent tried to get it back in but before he knew it the chicken had flew over the fence into the neighbors yard, our neighbors have 4 dogs two that are rottweilers and one boxer. I had just came outside and saw it happen. Knowing all to well this hens fate and anxious to get on the road I told Brent there wasn't much more we could do unless he wanted to hop the fence and try to get out alive while holding a chicken. When we got in the suburban to leave one of the kids asked if we got he chicken taken care of. I replied quickly, "yes he is certainly taken care of." Not letting them in on Brent's and I secret. At that point Brent asked me to pray before we headed out for our destination. He told the kids he thought I was the one who needed to be praying right now. I knew it was because I had just told a doozie. Well when we returned home there was that naughty chicken back in our yard alive and not in the coop. This chicken gets in my flower beds and is always stirring up trouble with the other hens. The other day Ashtyn followed her and found this little stash behind the chicken coop. We knew that some days we were short an egg or two and thought they had slowed down laying because of the cold. I should have known better. I think there was 18 eggs.

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