Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wes and basketball and Wyatt's Shinny Tooth

Wes made the basketball team. His team has done great this year! He was asked to play on the 8th grade team for the last game. He got to play a lot and made over 10 points! Way to go Wes!

Wyatt got this cute little "star" as they called it in the dentist office. He continued to complain about his cheek hurting. When Brent took a look he saw his little tooth was broken off. Wyatt did a great job at the dentist. All the hygienist ladies swooned over him. When we left he got two things out of the grab bag. Then as I was paying he asked if me where his tooth brush was. I told him to go and ask the nice lady that helped us. He then let me know that the nice ladies name was Roberta. Then when he got home he kept biting his lip and it got bigger and bigger. A few days later he was back to himself. Then one Sunday after getting dressed he was checking himself out in the mirror and said mom I wish my shinny tooth was right here in the front. Then he came home from school and told me a girl had told him she liked his tooth. I guess the bling is paying off. I am just glad it will fall out in the next few years.

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