Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weston is now a bit taller then I am. He has always been intelligent and that too has surpassed me in SOME areas. So as I am sitting in parent teacher conference listening to Weston give his presentation I am once again reminded of how much I have forgotten and how much I never understood. I also think to myself no one else has to know just nod and smile and make a few simple comments. Then his teacher ends with an apology to Weston. Something about a rectangle being a square. I guess they had a discussion in class earlier and Weston disagreed with the teacher and said that some rectangles are squares. She explained that she had done some research and Weston was right, some rectangles are squares. Which she then said she wondered why we didn't call the rectangles that are squares, squares. At this time I am still nodding and inside thinking am I following this conversation? Can you imagine in kindergarten how many shapes there could be and the confusion? I never would have made it past the shape test. If you didn't know before now ya know some rectangles are squares.

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The Dutton's said...

Way to go Wes! I love it when kids hang in there and don't back down when they know they are correct!