Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great Job Bulldogs!

Weston leading his team in warm ups.

Put me in coach....

The Ashby boys made signs. Hayden goes to school in Thatcher and loved giving Wes a hard time with his sign. I thought it was too fun!

Brent was the assistant coach. Weston's coach, Eddie Moya, was an excellent coach. He worked the boys hard but they learned so many wonderful skills and a lot of respect. The team played hard and put a lot of hurt on all the other teams in the area. The one and only time that Thatcher would play us was on the championship game. The Safford Bulldogs lost. It was a really close game the whole time. The boys played really good. I am really impressed with Weston basketball talent. He was a super team leader.
On Saturday the boys met at R & R pizza. After the lunch Brent brought home most of the team. I wondered what all these boys would do at the house for the next four hours. I came out and visited with them. I got a few looks that I wasn't sure what exactly they meant. I thought I should probably just put the food on the table and stay out of the way. I thought for sure Weston was going to let me know that I had talked way too much. Instead he told me one of his friends thought Brent and I were fun parents.