Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We have this little stinker that has a house right behind our house. He is always taunting my kids and throwing all their junk in our yard. I came home from being away to Eagar and found Trett's bike between our fence and their fence. As if someone tried to heave the bike over the six foot fence and didn't quite make it. Then today as I walked out back I saw him on top of the fences with one of my boys bow in his hands. I yelled at him to put it back. Then I went and got my shoes on. I then went to the fence threw all the trash back in his yard and told him that if I ever caught him in my yard taking something I would call the police. I told him he was no longer welcome in our yard because he had taken one to many things. I then asked him and the other kids jumping on their trampoline who tried to steel the bike. They told me Zach had. I no longer assumed I thought now I at least know the other kids told me it was him. They even said that Zach had tried but couldn't do it. Which made me realize that they were telling the truth because like I said earlier the bike was stuck between both fences.

We have had many other problems with these neighbors. My father in law even tried to talk to the dad and they were just a stinker too. My poor neighbor next door said that she was on her porch and they were yelling at her and throwing things in her yard. She isn't sure what to do.

As I have cooled down a bit I wonder what am I really suppose to do about Zach. I don't think his home environment is good. Should I have him over tried to change the world starting with one child. He has got to be only 7.

What would you do?

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Anetta said...

you should refer them to kurt! maybe he could help solve thier problems :)