Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wyatt goes to preschool

I think he is the cutest preschooler. He was so excited and could hardly wait for this moment to arrive. Last year his cousins and friends all went to preschool. At the table this morning Ella said I want to go to preschool and Wyatt told her she would have to wait and it is a long time to wait. Then he got dressed and waited on the couch with with his backpack on. Then I took the kids and Wyatt to school. I could hear him in quietly saying please drop me off first, please drop me off first. He also told me, Mom I am going to miss you. Wyatt is sweet that way he always says Mom I love you. He will be missed. Ella could hardly stand having him away. The whole time he was gone she kept asking me when he would be home. One time I made a few suggestions about something she could play with and she said all she wanted was to get in the car and get Wyatt.


allisonj_2004 said...

you are the cutest preschooler.

Lexi said...
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Lexi said...

He is a pretty stinkin' cute preschooler! Wow, Wes to junior high, Trett to kindergarten, and Wyatt to preschool... how you holding up Sash? :)