Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wes Turns 13

Wes had asked for cash once again for his birthday. Brent thought it would be a good idea to get all ones and put them in his scriptures on different pages. When we got together for scriptures in the morning he opened them up to where we are and found ten bucks. He was excited then he realized his scriptures were full of money. I told him, I told you reading your scriptures would pay off. The kids loved the idea.

Wes invited over about 11 boys to hang out with him at our house. All day I worried if I had enough food and enough for them to do. They stayed outside most of the night and played on the basketball court. Mostly the night was full of football. They watched Nacho Libre for the few minutes it took them to eat. Lots of fun cute boys. I hope they always feel welcome in our home.

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thelaytonfamily said...

Sasha - I love to read your cute stories in your blog! Hope you got the stuff hanging on the door. I meant to bring it with your bag yesterday! I forgot - what else is new!