Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wiltbank Family Reunion

Ashtyn and Anna drenched after playing the creek
Papa took Trett, Hayden and Mason on a hike. the boys found rocks crystals. They went around to everyone camping and sold their new found crystals. They made over ten dollars.

When Grandpa got back he and Grandma took the girls on the same hike.

The Wiltbank reunion has been at the Head of the Ditch in Luna New Mexico since Brent and I started dating in high school. They have had the reunion other places, but for the last 17 years or more it has been in New Mexico. I have no idea how long they have had the Wiltbank reunion but I know it has been going on for a really long time. It is really fun to meet new family and get to see others we haven't seen in a while. I love this little part of the mountains. I could sit and watch the kids swim and fish for hours here. There is always rain and it makes everything so green. There is also a lot of fun places to hike. Brent and I usually sneak off and go for a nice, quiet hike. This year we got up there a few days late and tried to squeeze in as much as we could.

I never get to see the boys unless they need bait or a new homemade fishing pole or if they are hungry because they are always busy playing together. They catch crawdads, play in forts and just make up their own adventures. I love to see them just enjoying each other and life. They play hard and have a real god time together. They are so cute!

Ella caught her first crawdad. She was so excited! Thanks Anna for the help

Brent brought his harmonica and played us a few made up tunes.

Wes and his cousins put a hot dog in this trap and leave it over night. When they come back and check on it they always have a big meal. No one ate any this year.

Ashtyn, Anna and Lacie

Clark and Ella are still good friends and so fun together. We sure do have cute kids.

I think I had the cutest UNO players to play with. Mason won at both games.

Grandma Marion always has hot cocoa in the morning. YUMMY!

Horse shoes

More crawdad fishing and it is getting late

Ella cooling off in the creek.

I didn't see Wes much. Just when he was driving past me or eating at our camp. I stole the one of him on the camp chair just before we left. I wasn't sure I had any of him.

Grandma Elda comes with Marion and Bill. She told me she was grateful she gets to come. She really enjoys coming. She said at her age you never know what next year brings so she really enjoys getting to be there.


Anetta said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'm glad you guys came! i think we have the cutest kids too!

kelsimad said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of the reunion. I hope someday we get to come visit and go to the reunion.