Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trett is not too wiling to wear his new rec specs. I think he looks really cool and I think they might help keep the sun out of his eyes at soccer games.
Ella decided to wear her glasses in support of Trett.

The night before Trett's surgery we went to dinner and swam in the motel pool. He thought it was great to get his own pizza, swim with just mom and dad and get to watch TV on a flat screen TV in his "own" bed.

Trett after his surgery. They put a big check mark over his left eye.
After visiting three different doctors about Trett's right eye a Dr by the name of Mark Wlash put Trett under anaesthesia and examined his eyes more closely. He did not think that the retina had detached from a fall or trauma to the head because he really hadn't had trauma to the head besides your normal horse playing. He told us he is sure that he has Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy better known as FEVR. It is hereditary and can spread to his good eye, the left eye. He said if he saw anything while Trett was out he would laser it to stop it from diminishing the sight in the left eye. In the right eye Trett lost his vision slowly over time. He now will have to go every 4 months to be be put under anaesthesia and checked for any growth in the left eye and if anything is found it will be taken care of with a laser. Because the disease is hereditary all of our other children will be checked also. He has done very well with all this new found attention. The only thing that has been hard is wearing the glasses. We have been told that he needs to wear glasses. Not for him to see better for simply for protection of his god eye. Most kids are a bit more willing to wear glasses because when they put them on they see better. With Trett he only feels that others are going to say something and in some ways it hinders his sight. Now that I am more aware of the fact that he cannot see in one eye I am also more aware of the things that he has a hard time seeing. When we were in the pool swimming I sat on the side and he was at the front of the pool. He kept asking Brent where I was. I was on his right side. Before I probably would have joked with him and told him he was being silly. Things that never bothered us much before now are a bit exaggerated. When all the kids were at church drawing pictures in sacrament meeting with sharpened pencils I cringed and watch every move. Then when it was over Brent came down from the stand and said he had a hard time watching all the sharp pencils in motion. I also jump now when anyone is hurt and seem to overreact. I am sure with time this will fade some. Brent and I are both exhausted and emotionally drained. We hate the idea of not being able to fix all for this for Trett and making things better for him. As a parent we want so badly to take it all away and carry it ourselves so not being able to do this is frustrating. We will always be here for him and will continue to help him and support him. When we first found out about all of this I told Brent we can never let him use this as a reason not to try something or do something. Trett is fine and growing and thriving. He is such a sweetie and I know he will always succeed with everything he sets out to do.


allisonj_2004 said...

Trett Your a hottie. You look like a professional out their in your shades.

grandmadebbie said...

so glad you had a better outcome. He is a special spirit and I know that you and Brent are the best parents.Hang in there and just know we are praying for you and Trett. Happy Birthday Brent! Love to you all Aunt Debbie

Lexi said...

That's what I was going to say, wow, makes him look like pretty hot stuff! ;)

The Dutton's said...

Trett I LOVE your glasses! You look so totally cool. Where can I get a pair?!? We love you!

Cheryl said...

Trett, I think your glasses are way beyond cool. I think you look like a BMOC. You are one handsome dude for sure. The girls ought to be impressed.