Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have to say that I have had a great day. Brent is busy hunting and Wes had his first away game in Silver City. I decided not to drive 4 kids alone 2 1/2 hours away and drive back home really late and then get them up in the morning for school. Knowing that Wes would be in about 10:30 tonight I gave him my cell phone to call me as soon as he got to Safford. Yes we plan to deprive our children of cell phones as long as possible. He was so cute today. He called me as soon as they got on the bus to tell me he was leaving. And just now he called to tell me they called off half of the game due to weather and he was on his way home. I never instructed him to call he just did. He talked to me about his dinner he had and about the game. Yes these are the moments that I know that I am really loved by my kids. There are some days I question it. His phone calls have made my day. Such a sweetie!


Doug and Cherai said...

That is sweet. It is a good thing you didn't go all the way over there. Hunting season just seems to come every year even when you don't want it too.

Ladykatherine said...

If he ever plays in Silver again come! That is only 30 miles away from me! I happen to do all my shopping there. We had ALOT of rain Thrusday, so I can see why the game was axed. I can't believe how old Wes is getting. It seems like you were just telling me about how you were jumping on the bed to try and induce labor with him! Got to love that no matter how big he gets, he will always love his momma!