Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I just witnessed quite the moment in the Wiltbank home. Last Friday I picked up some chicken at the store for Brent because he has been itching to use his smoker. We thought for sure we would be having yummy chicken over the weekend. Of course things came up and I finally put the chicken in the freezer. We later realized that Thursday would be the day. I talked to Brent a few times today and he expressed his excitement to be able to be home and sit on the porch and do some grilling every time we talked he was thrilled for this moment. When Brent arrived home Wes asked him if he wanted to go play church ball with him. Brent quickly told him he was grilling tonight. Wow I thought he must really want to grill to put off a game. And this must be some major grilling he has in mind. Then Brent was off to get the fire started. Being in the smoker the chicken takes a lot of time to cook. There was Brent smoke all around him and in the moment. We sat under the porch and watched the kids play. Then we started to eat. One of Wes's friends was over waiting for a ride to the church. A little back ground on the cute red headed friend of Weston's he is from a different ward then ours. Everyone was loving their smoked chicken and corn on the cob (from last years garden!). All I heard was YUM! MMM! Can I have another. Then talk of the game came up. I heard the cute red head say to Brent no one can guard my dad. Wes had finished his dinner and was ready for me to take him to the church. So I said alright lets go. Before I could get those words out Brent said, "oh I'll take them". No kidding in less then three minutes Brent had his shorts on and ball shoes on. Everyone was out the door, except for Ella because I promised her a bath in my tub. One moment no one was going except for Wes and in just a few moments later and a few short words from our cute little red headed friend and then swoosh off they went! Brent is a player don't get me wrong but the last time he played church ball two guys had to bring him home. Is that a little like my dad can beat up your dad? Now I am just left with half eaten drumsticks and corn on the cob. WOW!


Leiah said...

can't wait to hear who won!

The Dutton's said...

Or..."my horse is bigger than your horse" (name that movie) anywho-that is way too funny!