Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brent's Valentine

I found this fun idea on a blog, I would love to give credit but I cannot remember the name of the blog, I E mailed lots of fun friends and got ideas for fun dates they have been on. Then I thought of a few that would be something Brent would love to do. Then I got twelve envelopes and labeled one for each month. In each envelope is a date. At the beginning of each month Brent opens the envelope for that month and finds out what the date for that month is. Then it is up to him to use the date whenever he chooses that month. It continues on for twelve months. Also inside of the envelope are things to go along with the date or a gift card. So the date is all paid for and planned out. I would put a few dates on the blog but he reads this blog and I want each month to be a surprise. If you want any ideas just let me know. A fun idea because I get the gift too!

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