Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?

Our poor little tree seems to think that it has. This tree sure is beautiful but every year she blooms so early. Most years I don't mind but this year I sure have enjoyed a cold chilly night to snuggle up in a warm blanket to read a good book or just snuggle my hubby to watch a little late night TV. Yes I did take the kids out to marvel at the beauty. The bees are just loving it also.
Maybe the poor tree saw us tilling the garden and thought it was time to bloom. Mom the soil looks good this year! I did really enjoy hitting the store and picking out seeds, potatoes and the onions were so sweet smelling. Something about planting the garden is so exciting. If only I were that excited come July and it is blazing HOT and there are WAY too many weeds.


The Dutton's said...

Ooohhh! How beautiful! Wish I had one in my yard! I'll bet you're not excited for the heat to come!

allisonj_2004 said...

Bring on the heat. I tried to down load the picks but it wouldn't work. We have 2 feet a LEAST of snow!

Cheryl said...

I'm impressed. I wasn't excited about gardening this year until I saw your tilled garden spot.