Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is it February?

I lost IT a long time ago. Last year I did the proj 365 from Becky Higgins. This year I am also doing the Proj Life. The only thing is I was tired of taking pictures and told myself I would wait until February and start up again. I was just going to take the month of January off. I even made these comments to a few people just a few days ago. Now on one hand I realize it is February. We have bought Valentines cards, came up with visiting teaching ideas for Valentines, I have even been doing the LOVE BUG every night for the kids, and last night home evening was centered around LOVE and I made cute Valentines headbands for the girls to wear to church Sunday. Just today I realize that as far as starting Proj Life in February it is FEBRUARY. Huh?
What is wrong with me? Once again I think a big long nap will cure this. Now if only I can remember to take one!

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