Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wiltbank Family Reunion

Catching crawdads

Air soft wars, exploring and crawdad fishing
Wyatt and Grandma Marion playing a game of war. I think Wyatt won some chocolate
Brent took the kids to a secret spot to catch crawdads. They came back with some whoppers. It sure is nice to have a dad that use to craw dad fish at this same spot when he was younger.
Ashtyn and her friend caught this snake. Her friend was even bitten twice by the snake. My boys were a bit nervous but loved getting to hold it.
Wyatt found this tiger caterpillar. It was really pretty.

We always have a good time at the Wiltbank reunion. This year we only got to go for the day. We got there in time for breakfast and stayed until late that night. The kids played hard all day. They got to hang out with cousins and Grandma and Papa and have a really good time. Trett always gets to go on a hike with Papa whenever we go camping. It is fun to see them together they look a lot alike. Becky and Jonna or should I say Joanna we had a good time visiting with you and getting to know your cute kids. Can't wait to see your pictures on your blog!:)

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momoffive said...

We had a blast! Wish we lived closer to you we would have so much fun! LOVE YOU GUYS!