Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

We LOVE to catch the strep bug. Or maybe the strep bug LOVES us. We get strep soooo often. One time this summer when I went into the doctor and he told me we had strep I started to cry. I am not a crier but at that point I just lost it and the tears began to pour. Then I went on this kick of lets boost these immune systems SO much it will be rare to get strep for us. So I went into veggie, greens, vitamin over load. Yes and it is routine for me to say every time we enter into the house wash your hands, don't use the drinking fountain, cough into your arm not your hand, drink plenty of fluids (but use only the water bottle that has your name on it). I am that soccer mom with 7 water bottles at the game and no one is allowed to drink out of someone else' s bottle. I know that maybe it is over load and some say that maybe it is because I stress to much and try to keep things too controlled. No because it happens no matter what I do or don't do. So here I am at home with all five kids with strep. And how I love them but it is really no fun to have a house full of five sick, cranky, irritable kids. Right now I think they may kill each other. Yes many will say take out their tonsils but yet I have been told that does not keep you from getting it. Yes I know all about someone in our house is a carrier or someone we know is and yes we have all been treated this time. I LOATH strep.


The Dutton's said...

I am so sorry! You are in our prayers! No, you're not too controling! Love you! said...

Uggg. Its starting to be that time of year. It sounds like you've done it all too. All five kids sick, yikes! We had strep a bunch last winter, the only thing that seemed to help us was the chiropractor, I know seems weird but it helped. If there is anything you ever need please let me know. I'll be praying for ya.