Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weston's Birthday Party

Every time I tried to take a picture these guys would do this so their team was in the picture more.

Reading his sign from his "sisters" from Thatcher
Weston had a great birthday! They played against Thatcher a big rival team. Early in the game Thatcher fumbled the ball and Weston picked it up and started running for a touchdown. He made it a ways down the field and then was tackled. Wow I thought a lineman hardly ever is given that opportunity. There was three minutes in the game and Safford was winning. Weston had invited a few friends for pizza after the game so I decided I had better go and get a few ordered early. By the time I loaded a few kiddos there was two minutes left. What could I possibly miss in two minutes? Apparently A LOT!
After I left the coach put Weston in as running-back . Coach knew it was his birthday. The quarterback gave him the ball and he ran right up the middle plowing 2 guys as he did it the second time he fumbled it and Thatcher recovered the ball! What?!? So Thatcher had the ball then they threw an interseption to Seth Lowery WHOOOOOOO YEAH!!!! They put Weston back in as running-back. The quarterback hands off the ball to Weston and he runs 30 yards(Brent said he has never seen Weston run so fast!) TOUCHDOWN!!!! Safford scores! The team drenches Weston with the big water cooler! Then Weston's friends, girls, ran out with a big shinny, glittery birthday card that they all signed and wrote very nice things on the sign. I can't believe that I missed that!
Then Weston and a few friends came and ate pizza. They had a good time! The Thatcher quarterback came along with some of the Safford players. Fun to see them as friends after a game and with different jerseys on. Later we went home and opened gifts. Happy Day!

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Cheryl said...

Can ya ever had too much fun?