Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ella loves to draw. I loved this one she drew. She came and showed me her "SUN" flowers!

The other day when I went to pick up Ella from preschool the floor was full of red, orange and yellow construction paper. When I had asked her about preschool she told me that not this day or the day next day but the one after that was fall. Then she said all the leaves on the tree will turn all different colors, even pink. Then all the leaves will fall off. Because that day is fall. I tried to explain that it wouldn't happen in one day. And that unfortunately our leaves here don't turn all those pretty colors. She was just sure I was wrong and that not this day or the next day but the one after that this marvelous event was going to happen. She woke up on that day and she came into me and declared it was fall! Nothing happened like I think she thought it should. But she hasn't said much more about it.

2 comments: said...

ah, so sweet. She is such a little artist! It really is to bad we don't get to see the fall colors. I get so desperate I take my kids up the mountain, Ella and you should come with us sometime. My Ella would like that for sure.

Cheryl said...

Ella they really do turn all those beautiful colors on Escadilla. Maybe we can get some and send them to you. ;)