Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Vacation

 The Reidheads invited us to go hang out at Riggs Lake.  On the way up Trett said he was glad we were finally going on a summer vacation.  Everyone took a turn driving.

 Lianne and Ashtyn took the boys for a boat ride.  They didn't stop talking about how badly they wanted to go swimming.
 Lianne and Ashtyn made sure they got to go swimming
 They swan for a while but complained about how cold it was and scared all the fish away.
 We had a picnic
 Keri asked if I wanted to go on a boat ride.  I thought it would be fun...until we both realized neither of us have rowed a boat.  We got a lot of dirty looks when we got in the way of others fishing lines.  Eventually I got the hang of it and we made it back to the shore and it was the shore where we were suppose to be at.  Brent said that was the funniest thing he had ever seen.
 We did a little fishing

We had a lot of fun and are very grateful for great friends and the beautiful mountains

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Cheryl said...

aHey there! Velly, velly funny and looked like a lot of fun.