Monday, August 20, 2012

Girls Camp

 These were the girls from our ward

 I had a blast with these super fun leaders!

 Ashtyn did everyone's hair in cute up do's and braids
I am the YW president in our ward.  So I went to girls camp.  We had a really good time!  The theme this year was Let it Begin the Hero Within.  Each Ward chose super hero's and we were Wonder Women.  Loved it because I at one time when I was little had my own Wonder Woman Under Roos!  This trailer was one that another ward had taken up and was ahead of us.  It just came undone and ended up down the side of the mountain.  Doesn't it look like someone just took the trailer and set it down there?  Nothing came off the trailer and everything was packed in tight.  We help the other ward by making a train of people and handing up everything inside.  Heavenly Father does watch over us!  I also had a super fun time being with Ashtyn.

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