Monday, August 20, 2012

Girls Camp

Girls Camp was centered around hero's.  We were Wonder Women.  These are a few handouts I made for the girls.
 "Powerful Aids" against any super villain, Scripture study, prayers, choosing good friends, going to the temple.
 One night we were going to go out and look at the stars and we had popcorn so I made these holders for everyone to put their popcorn in.  Then we talked about.  STARS, Stand Tall And Remain Strong.  We talked about the North Star and Pres Hinkley's story.  And remaining strong in todays world.  And how the girls are beautiful and can shine bright like the stars.
 Get to know you game.  Throw the ball and the person that catches it has to answer the question that their right thumb landed on.  The girls LOVED this!  For those with birthdays I made up these fun little packages to leave on their bed and we also blew up balloons and had the other girls write messages on them to cover up their bunks!

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