Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weston and Studying

Over the summer a few kids were given a MASSIVE English assignment.  They had the choice to do it and would benefit by getting into a different English class that was full of good kids and also would be pushed a little more.  Weston is pretty good about taking the initiative and doing things on his own that he needs to accomplish so I didn't worry too much.  His summer this year was full.  He spent a few weeks in Alpine working.  The trek, basketball camp out of town for a week, basketball games, and roofing.  When he was roofing he would leave about 4:45 am return just in time for football practice then after practice he would go to open gym for basketball or have a BB game.  So at the end of the summer he was really pushing to get it done.  Here he is with his duct taped straw bag of grapes and his Kindle reading his book.  He accomplished finishing his assignments.  He said his class is great!

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